Launch equipment

Launch power supply: powering and control of spacecraft before launch

The Launch power supply is a SCOE which is mainly dedicated to provide electrical power to the spacecraft on launch pad through umbilical interface and controls of the satellite.
SCOE can be accommodated in reinforced rack which sustains launch pad conditions, or in small 19” human portable racks.

Common functions of the SCOE are the following:

  • Multiple independent output power lines (adaptable power, line per line)
  • Battery trickle charging
  • Main bus conditioning and monitoring
  • Overvoltage detection
  • Monitoring and control of the satellite functions
  • Line routing to/from other SCOE

Launch power supply architecture is based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items (power supplies, electronic loads, I/O units, PC etc.) and enhanced by Clemessy’s SyCTRL products. This ensures high safety (second level protection), reliability and easy maintenance. It is designed as self-standing equipment with its own local GUI, fitted with self-test function and safety loop.
Whole equipment is embedded in standard industrial 19” rack.

We offer the following options to improve usage of your SCOE:

  • Second level over voltage/over current protection
  • Mains isolation transformer unit
  • Reinforced rack suitable for operations on Launchpad
  • Mini rack
  • Full redundancy
  • Remote control via TCP/IP interface
  • Interface harness
  • Re-usable container
Launch Power SCOE (Special Check Out Equipment) with contriool and command SCOE embedded in mini racks
Launch Power SCOE in mini racks
View of a panel from a Launch Power SCOE made by Clemessy Switzerland