Launch equipment

Umbilical validation tool: testing of the umbilical connections

The Umbilical validation tool (UVT) is test equipment embedded in portable lightweight boxes which allow testing umbilical interfaces before or during launch phase. Tool is being placed at the top of launch tower.
The connections from SCOE to spacecraft are disconnected from spacecraft side and connected to the UVT. It brings hence the possibility to test lines of launch tower.

Common functions of Umbilical validation tool are the following:

  • Simulation of the spacecraft load
  • Simulation of the battery load
  • Sink and display of the telecommand generated by the EGSE
  • Generation of a telemetry stream
  • Generation of the "measurements" nominally available on the spacecraft umbilical interface

We offer the following options to improve usage of your SCOE:

  • Powered UVT box (thanks to umbilical power)
  • Remote control with specific telecommands
  • Front panel test points