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Refurbishment of LSS and Phenix Thermal Vacuum Chambers SCADA at ESTEC

Refurbishment of SCADA of LSS and Phenix Thermal Vacuum Chambers at ESTEC (European Space and Technology Centre).
The LSS and Phenix thermal vacuum chamber facilities provide a comprehensive environmental test complex that are specifically designed to simulate the high vacuum and varying thermal conditions that spacecraft encounter. The Phenix facility consists of a medium test chamber, 4.5m diameter and 11.8m long, with an overall volume of 150m3. The Phenix provides thermal and vacuum test capability.

The LSS facility consists of a large test chamber, 9.5m diameter and 10m high, with an overall volume of more than 2300m3. The LSS provides thermal, vacuum and sunlight simulation test capability. Both chambers are located at ESTEC, the European Space Agency research and technology center, in Noordwijk (The Netherlands).


  • Refurbish SCADA system by upgrading and updating monitoring & control sub-systems
  • Test and validate the system
  • Train the ESTEC staff

Clemessy performances:

  • Re-wiring of LSS and Phenix SCADA cabinets
  • PLC's software improvement and updates
  • SCADA software migration and upgrade (common supervision for LSS and Phenix)
  • User control interface improvement and extension

Some figures:

  • Refurbishment and re-wiring of cabinets from 6 to 2
  • 6 PLC’s software improvement
  • User interface improvement by additional widescreen LCD monitors