Special Check Out Equipment - SCOE

Clemessy Switzerland is highly specialized in platform and payload SCOEs and provides custom made simulators for spacecraft builders to make sure that satellite which has been tested on the ground is ready to work in space flawlessly.

SCOE’s provided by Clemessy are compatible to CE, European Space Standards (ECSS) and clean room.

Added value of our systems includes the following:

  • Minimized non-recurrent costs, due to long track record in EGSE industry
  • Modular architecture ensures optimized maintenance and maximum flexibility for upgrades
  • Second level protection solution delivers separate, isolated, self-standing intelligent fuses
  • Software of SCOE controller offers easy to use UX and interface to core/central EGSE

All SCOEs are based on commercial off-the-shelf items and enhanced by internally developed SyCTRL solution. Each SCOE is being delivered with SyCOE software for easy and smooth SCOE manipulation.

Internally developed SyCOE software has the following main features:

  • A high level user interface to control the SCOE
  • Functionalities to communicate with internal equipment (SyCTRL boards and COTS items)
  • Capabilities to configure/adjust parameters and store/process information
  • Interface with a remote test supervisor (OCOE, CCS etc.)



Back view of a Special Check Out Equipment(SCOE) with drilled doors
Back view of an open lined up SCOE (Special Check Out Equipment)
Connector panel in the back of a SCOE
Different SCOEs lined up in Clemessy Switzerland workshop