Large Space Simulator (LSS)

European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) Noordwijk (The Netherlands)
Replacement one of the existing driving sub system of the four functions of LSS, upgrade of the driving sub systems in order to enhance their behaviour, motors refurbishment of the motion system and rectifiers, integration of driving sub system into overall facility monitoring and control system.
Whatever the mission, be it manned or unmanned, for scientific research, applications or space transportation, a spacecraft and its payload must be able to withstand the extreme stresses caused once in orbit, the rigours of the space environment. Every single element of the vehicle and the instruments it is carrying must prove to be space worthy and must, therefore, be tested on Earth under conditions simulating those it will meet in space. LSS chamber, with an overall volume of 2’150 m3, do just that.

Fluid Ground Support Equipment (FGSE) for EPS, ESC and ATV

AIRBUS Defence and Space GmbH Bremen (Germany)
Provision and renewal of the whole fluid process sensors, actuators, directing panels and provision of brand new SCADA system.
One of the facilities located in the AIRBUS D&S GmbH premises in Bremen (Germany) is aimed to integer, qualify and validate the upper stages (ESC and EPS) of the Ariane 5 launcher and the Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) on a single and unique tool.

Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF)

European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) Noordwijk (The Netherlands)
Replacement of the existing driving PLCs by up-to-date and versatile equipment, development of PLC control software, upgrading the driving systems by a self-standing touch panel embedded in an overall monitoring and control system.
The qualification and acceptance of spacecraft and their payloads by acoustic noise tests assure that no damage will occur to these structures during the launch phase. The Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) provides the required environmental performance. The noise generation system consists of four different horns with low cut-off frequencies of respectively 25, 35, 80, and 160 Hz complemented by three high-frequency noise generators.

Thermal vacuum test chamber Phenix

European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) Noordwijk (The Netherlands)
Design and simulation of the high vacuum pumping process, manufacturing, installation, test and validation of the high vacuum pumping cabinet and control command systems, integration of the control and command.
The Phenix thermal vacuum chamber facility provides comprehensive environmental tests. It is specifically designed to simulate the high vacuum and varying thermal conditions that spacecraft encounter in space. The facility consists of a large test chamber, 4.5 m diameter and 10 m long, with an overall volume of 150 m3.

Multi-axis vibration test facility HYDRA

European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) Noordwijk (The Netherlands)
Replacement of the existing programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), upgrade of existing SCADA software, development and delivery of computer simulation model for end user training, redundant PLC’s implementation.
Satellites are exposed during launch to very severe static and dynamic loads (rocket motor ignition and burn out, stage separation, gusts). Simulation methods are needed on ground to verify design adequacy and built quality. HYDRA is a very large hydraulic vibration test facility intended to perform qualification and acceptance vibration testing of large satellites under clean room conditions.