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Ground Control support for ATV4 & ATV5 programs

Clemessy Switzerland AG supported the ATV-CC team in Toulouse (France) for ATV4 & ATV5 programs.
The Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) is an unmanned space transport vehicle designed to support services to the International Space Station (ISS) during the six months following its docking. Has been lofted into orbit by a dedicated variant of the Ariane 5 launcher, after which it docked with the ISS - a tricky operation guided from the ATV Control Centre (ATV-CC) at CNES’s Toulouse Space Centre.

Clemessy’s performance:

  • On-console operations for each key phase of ATV4 & ATV5 missions:
    - Pre-Launch,
    - Launch and Early Orbit Phase,
    - Docking,
    - Attached phase,
    - Undocking,
    - Re-entry
  • Communication management through TDRS satellites (NASA) & Artemis satellite (ESA)
  • Coordination & negotiation with international partners located in Mission Control Center Houston (MCC-H), Misson Control Center Moscow (MCC-M), Columbus Control Centre in Oberpfaffenhofen (COL-CC)
  • Coordination with Euro Space Center in Redu and modem supervision
  • Troubleshooting in case of reduced satellite coverage or loss of communication
  • Operational procedures writing up to Post Flight Review (PFR)
  • Development & Deployment of the ATV-CC mission database (MDB)
  • In charge of the digital archiving and backup tools (TiNa & ADA)
  • Management of the Ground-Segment software AIV/AIT based on CNES and ESA specifications

Some figures and characteristics:

  • 3 years support contract
  • Under constraint work / Night-shift
Support for the ATV-4 and ATV-5 teams
Ground control support for ATV-4 and ATV-5 missions
Picture of one of our team members on the project