French Guiana

Clemessy has a permanent team in Kourou, French Guiana (overseas department of France in South America) on Europe’s only spaceport. The team is under Arianespace authority for the daily launch pad operations and for specific launch pad campaigns.

The team is composed of aproximately 30 engineers and technicians, specialized in the following activities:

  • EGSE and FGSE system software development and maintenance
  • EGSE and FGSE application SW development, maintenance and customisation for each launch
  • EGSE and FGSE database maintenance and customisation for each launch
  • EGSE and FGSE hardware adaptation and maintenance
  • EGSE and FGSE configuration management (HW and SW)
  • Ground – S/C interface configuration

In parallel to space activities, Clemessy provides electrical engineering, development and maintenance performance to many local customers (EDF, administrations, supermarkets, Arianespace, Airbus, CNES, etc.).
These activities are fulfilled by a local autonomous establishment of around 70 engineers and technicians.


Clemessy has an expert team for each Soyuz launch in Baikonur. Our team is integrated in Starsem's team (a European-Russian company that was created in 1996 to commercialise the Soyuz launcher). Clemessy’s team is aimed to support the Starsem for all facility management and specific electrical launch operations (ground – S/C interface configuration, etc.).