About us

Clemessy Switzerland

Europe's #1 provider of satellite EGSE

Clemessy Switzerland is specialized in the design, manufacturing and delivery of electrical ground support equipment (EGSE) for satellites.
We obtained our first EGSE competences in the early 90’s at the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.
Since 2003, we are established in Basel, Switzerland as a subsidiary of Clemessy and their satellite test systems experts centre.

With our expertise and references, we are the leading European provider for satellite simulators and electrical test systems for space & aeronautic industries offering:

  • Electrical Ground Support Equipment
  •  - Solar Array Simulator
     - Power Simulator
     - Battery Simulator
     - Battery Conditioning Equipment
     - Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit Simulator
     - Electrical Load Simulator
     - Pyro Lines Simulator
     - Umbilical Simulator
     - Launch Power Supply, Umbilical Validation Tool
     - Any other specific simulator
  • Flatsat/ Avionic Test Benches
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) solutions
  • Support services for maintenance and operations
  • EGSE accessories i.e. ambient and vacuum ground harness, break out box, failure box etc.

In the past decades Clemessy has been involved in about 80% of satellite programs headed by the European Space Agency (ESA). Thanks to Clemessy international locations and network of partners, we are able to support our customers in Europe, Russia, China and French Guiana.

Moreover with the 5’000 employees of Clemessy you will benefit from a stable partner with a century of experience in electrical & mechanical engineering.

Two satellite PCDU Simulators
Satelitte Load simulator made by Clemessy Switzerland
High power Regatron Solar Array Simulator integrated in Clemessy Switzerland's equipments
SyCTRL chassis, view from the back without the top cover