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3kW SAS power supply

A new generation of power supply for solar array simulation

Together with the Swiss company Regatron AG, we specified, developed and qualified a new generation of power supply dedicated to solar array simulation.
TC.P.LIN is a high power solar array simulator (SAS) device that has been developed for Special Check Out Equipment (SCOE) and in particular for spacecraft Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) used during Assembly Integration Test and Validation phases (AIT/AIV) of spacecraft.

It implements full S3R (Sequential Switching Shunt Regulator) and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) solar array simulation modes in addition to standard constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes.
The solution is based on a design fitted into 19” cabinets.

Implementation of our power supply

The device is a 4HU embedding the primary switched DC power supply, the linear SAS post-processor, the regulation control board as well as the input and output EMC filters. With limited dimensions for a power up to 3 kW per solar array section, this device offers the best power to volume ratio in the space market.

The device supports LXI commands (easy-to-use SCPI) through an ethernet link from/to the SCOE controller.
As baseline, LEDs are used to display the device status. An option adds an LCD display, to provide more insight to the user, directly from the front panel.

Key aspects

  • Up to 3kW
  • Designed and manufactured by Regatron AG
  •  - Swiss quality
     - Reference in high power DC solutions
     - Spin-in from terrestrial solar array simulation
  • Standard interfaces
  •  - Communication based on LXI (LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation) through Ethernet interface
     - PS fault / Remote inhibit
     - Fast reactive analog control
  • Worldwide distribution channels and support team
  • European solution
High power regatron, SAS power supply specifications
Other view of a high power regatron, in co-developement with Clemessy Switzerland