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Additive manufacturing

SCOE manufacturing process and 3D printing

Nowadays printing of 3D objects became as simple as printing documents, mainly due to progress of additive manufacturing industry and price drop of 3D printers.

In order to find new ways how to serve our customers more efficient, flexible and at lower price, our team applies 3D printing techniques to boost the SCOE manufacturing process.
Items that formerly needed costly machining and time-consuming assembly are now produced in one piece by our in-house 3D printer. So far we have deployed 3D printed parts on our SyCTRL chassis and other SCOE parts.

Additive manufacturing of Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) parts benefits to our customers with shorter lead times and better quality for less money.

Clemessy Switzerland additive manufacturing in process
Additive manufacturing in process, specific SyCTRL mechanical parts are being printed in house to reduce lead time and improve quality.