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SyCTRL solution

SyCTRL the specialized input/output and electrical protection solution

SyCTRL is a modular input/output and electrical protection solution that has been developed in 2005 for spacecraft testing. 

SyCTRL solution is dedicated for assembly, integration, test and validation phases of spacecraft platforms or spacecraft instruments. SyCTRL modularity is based on FPGA electronic boards, designed to be fitted in 19” chassis, which could be embedded in standard 19" rack.

Turn-key solution for satellite test benches

The wide board's catalogue allows us to satisfy all the requirements of satellite test benches:

  • Secured secondary level protection (SLP) including safety loop
  • Secured latching current limiter (LCL)
  • Analog and digital signal monitoring / generation (AnaIn, AnaOut, DigitalIn, DigitalOut etc.)
  • Temperature measurement / generation (TempIn, TempOut)
  • Relay interface (RelayOut)
  • High Power Command – Pulse emission (HPC)
  • Serial / parallel communication protocol interface (RS422/RS485)
  • SpaceWire bus interface
  • Time synchronization (IRIG-B)

To conclude SyCTRL solution enables us to implement cost efficient business model:

“You define what you need and you only pay for that!”

SyCTRL high power protection rack
SyCTRL chassis front view
SyCTRL back view of the chassis, without cover
SyCTRL Analogical output board