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Clemessy will be present at the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen from 15th to 17th November 2022


Space Tech Expo Europe is the continent’s major dedicated supply-chain and engineering event for manufacturing, design, test and engineering services for spacecraft, subsystems and space qualified compone Like the previous Space Tech Expo 2021 exhibition, we would be happy to welcome you, Booth J10 between the 15th and the 17th of November 2022 to present our latest news in Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE), Multi-Technical test benches, Process automation, Maintenance & Operation.

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I-HAB Power and Data SCOE awarded for Clemessy


The Cislunar Gateway is a human-tended infrastructure orbiting the Moon while enabling research and demonstrating the technologies and processes necessary to conduct a future mission to Mars. One of the ESA contributions to the Gateway is the main habitat for astronauts so called International-Habitation (I-HAB) module. Clemessy will manage the manufacturing and propose the design of the Power SCOE, DH, TCS & ECLSS SCOE.

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Thales Alenia Space Turin selected Clemessy for MSR-ERO Power SCOE project


In 2026, the Mars Sample Return - Earth Return orbiter (MSR-ERO) mission will go to Mars to collect the samples from the red planet taken by the "Perseverance" rover and bring them back to Earth. In the frame of this mission, Thales Alenia Space has awarded to TESEO Italy the manufacture of the Power SCOE. Clemessy will be part of the adventure by providing to TESEO the design of the Power SCOE : PCDU Simulator, SAPS & UMB SCOE.

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