An Electrical Ground Support Equipment is an essential tool which allows a satellite or space launcher developer to integrate and validate the electrical functions of its spacecraft.

It is composed of an Overall Check Out Equipment - OCOE (which is mainly provided by the spacecraft developper) and several front ends called SCOE (Special Check Out Equipment) which ensure the interface between the OCOE and the spacecraft itself.

In this frame, we are able to support our customers in designing, development, manufacturing, integration, test and commissioning of standard solutions enhanced by using custom made simulators:

  • SAS | Solar Array Simulation SCOE
  • BS | Battery Simulation SCOE
  • BCE | Battery Conditioning Equipment SCOE
  • LPS / UMB | Launch Power Supply / Umbilical Interface SCOE
  • PYRO | Pyro Simulation SCOE
  • Specific needs | Behaviour simulation, break out box, failure box, ambient and vacuum ground harness...

Engineering EGSE support

Clemessy is used to provide engineering support for EGSE during definition for MAIT or implementation phases by covering system, hardware and software expertise ... Learn more about support

Satellite battery conditioning equipment made @Clemessy Switzerland
Launch Power Special Check Out Equipment (SCOE) in mini racks
View from the back of an umbilical SCOE, doors closed
Auto test features embedde in satellite battery conditioning equipment