EGSE accessories

Ground harness

The ground harness connects your EGSE to the spacecraft or the instrument under test. Clemessy holds a long track record of harness design and manufacturing. We have designed and manufactured 1000s of cables during our 20 years of presence in the space market.

Harness is composed of adapted to the project AWG cables, connectors (D-Sub, MIL-STD-38999), adapters, savers fitted with ground and/or flight quality connectors. Commonly the wires are made of aluminium, copper, AFDX or 1553 interface bus wires.

Ground harness for vacuum chamber (TVC)

As an option, we can manufacture harness compatible to thermal vacuum chamber (TVC). During tests in thermal vacuum chamber very low or high temperatures are simulated typically could be from -180C to +120C or even higher/lower

SCOE MIL-STD harness
SCOE SubD harness
SCOE harness with multi contact on one side and SubD on other side
SCOE harness feedthrough