Pyro lines simulator

A Pyro lines Simulator is used for spacecraft’s pyro lines or non-explosive actuators simulation (up to several hundreds).

Usually spacecraft have specific appendages such as solar arrays, antenna reflectors etc. that are deployed only when satellite reaches operating position in space.
To deploy appendages ignition system is used, pyro valves (explosive) or actuators (non-explosive). Pyro simulator enables to simulate, acquire, monitor or characterize the electrical pulse of ignition systems.

Pyro lines simulator is mainly used during AIT/AIV phases for thermal knifes simulation, pyro lines simulation, non-explosive actuators simulation, pulse characterization, false detection and monitoring of all lines.

Pyro lines SCOE architecture is based on commercial of the shelf (COTS) items and enhanced by Clemessy’s SyCTRL products. This ensures high safety, reliability and easy maintenance. It is designed as self-standing equipment with its own local GUI, fitted with self-test function and safety loop. Whole equipment is embedded in standard industrial 19” rack.

We offer the following options to improve usage of your SCOE:

  • Individual front panel test points
  • Mains Insulation Transformer Unit
  • Mini rack
  • Remote control via TCP/IP interface
  • Auto-test features
  • Interface harness (ambient, vacuum, bio-burden cables, bulk head to vacuum chamber, savers etc.)
  • Re-usable container
Satellite Pyro Lines simulator made by Clemessy Switzerland