All SCOEs provided by Clemessy are being delivered with dedicated adapted to customer needs software. In house developed SCOE controller software is based on lessons learned from many European Space Agency programs, such as: GOCE, VENUS EXPRESS, ATV, SWARM, GAIA, Sentinel-1 and -3, ASTROSAT, Bepi Colombo, ExoMars 2016-2020.

SCOE software has the following main features:

  • A high level user interface to control the SCOE
  • Functionalities to communicate with internal equipment (SyCTRL boards, power supplies, electronic loads etc.)
  • Capabilities to configure specific parameters, archive and process information
  • Interface with a remote test supervisor (OCOE, CCS etc.)

SCOE software enables the operator to use the simulator in the following modes:

  • MANUAL mode
  • LOCAL mode (ONLINE state/OFFLINE state)
  • REMOTE mode (ONLINE state/OFFLINE state)
Main panel Load software
Main panel of our Solar Array Simulator (SAS) software
Percentage detail of our BS software
Solar Array Simulator power block configuration