Solar Array Simulator: safe way to simulate power of satellite solar arrays

Solar Array Simulator (SAS) SCOE provides electrical power simulation and corresponding sensors simulation.

SAS provides simulation of an adaptable and independent number of solar array power sections delivering up to 3 kW, or even more electrical power per section, each of them with default (primary) over voltage and over current protection. SAS SCOE is used to perform sunlight/ eclipse simulation based on maximum power point tracking (MPPT) or sequential switching shunt regulation (S3R).

SAS architecture is based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items (power supplies, input/output units, PC, etc.) and enhanced by Clemessys’s SyCTRL products. This ensures high safety (second level protection), reliability and easy maintenance. It is designed as self-standing equipment with its own local GUI, fitted with self-test function and safety loop. Whole equipment is embedded in standard industrial 19” rack.

We offer the following options to improve usage of your SAS SCOE:

  • Second level over voltage/over current protection, per section or per wing
  • Output impedance adaptation
  • Specific sensor simulation (thermistor, cell sample, deployment switch, etc.)
  • Mains isolation transformer unit
  • Remote control via TCP/IP interface
  • Auto-test features
  • Interface harness (ambient, vacuum, bio-burden cables, bulk head to vacuum chamber, savers etc.)
  • Re-usable container
High power satellite Solar Array Simulators (SAS)
Auto-test features embedded in our satellite SAS (Solar Array Simulator)
Solar Array Simulator (SAS) of 12 sections