Monitoring and control

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a computer based system that monitors and controls a dedicated process remotely often for industrial purposes (complex test facilities, airports, power plants, factories etc.)

Monitoring and control

A ground control and acquisition system is a mix of electronic and software means aimed to drive an industrial process thanks to sensors, actuators and programmable logic controllers.

A control and acquisition system is mainly composed of 3 functions:

  • Man-machine interface (MMI) which displays not only basic information read from the in-situ sensors, but even complex synthesis of data derived from sensors and computed by the system. This information is displayed either on mimics, either on plot basis, or on a grid values basis.
  • Log and archive function which logs and stores acquired sensors data, various alarms and events. Moreover it allows to post process (replay, display, analyse) gathered information.
  • Process computation units, typically programmable logic controllers (PLC) or hard real time processors which ensure the interface between the front end (sensors, actuators) and the back end units (MMI). Additionally they perform real time and the close loop automated processing, in particular control and regulation functions (proportional-integral-derivative – PID)

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