EGSE engineering

Clemessy supports your EGSE engineering

Our multitechnical skills, combined with our commitment to R&D, allow us to build systems and equipment dedicated to our client's processes. With more than 100 locations spreaded around the globe, Clemessy will accompany you everywhere, whatever your need could be.

Preliminary definition support

We offer engineering support and consultation for specifying initial EGSE design during preliminary spacecraft definition phase.

Support of EGSE design specification has to be considered as a concurrent engineering i.e. while customer defines the spacecraft specification, Clemessy in parallel defines necessary assembly integration and test (AIT) EGSE for the sub systems or global AIT solution.
Our engineering activities are driven by the iterative customer requirements evolution, each step is being validated by progress meeting or by review with prime contractor.

Support might be delivered at Clemessy’s premises, or on site at customer premises with temporarily co-located team.

Development Support

We offer engineering support for MAIT (Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration & Test) covering system, hardware and software expertise during implementation phase.

This engineering support covers various aspects:

  • EGSE (Electrical Ground Support Equipment) requirement specification
  • EGSE/ SCOE functional and architectural specification elaboration
  • Ground Harness engineering
  • EGSE benchmarking
  • EGSE development follow – up and expertise
  • EGSE budget and compliance assessment
  • EGSE sub contractor management
  • EGSE integration
  • Application software specification/ development/ integration
  • Spacecraft AIT/AIV operation assistance

Support might be delivered in our factory, on site or at customer’s premises.

Operational Support

We offer customer support during LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phase) operations.
There are several ways to perform the support:

  • Telephone hot line basis (phone consultancy)
  • “Ready to go” basis (our experts are ready to go and we commit that on request, they will be on site before a maximum time to be defined, for intervention, consultancy, troubleshooting etc.)
  • Launch site presence

Operational support is a popular service amongst our customers. This type of support has been performed for 80% of Europe’s satellite programs where Clemessy provided EGSE.